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Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism



Level I Certification

The goal of the SSQST certification is to increase the quality of services provided, which will lead to increased customer satisfaction and enhanced market competitiveness. The certificate that an organisation receives after completing the certification process shall be viewed as a reward to the whole team for its effort in meeting the goals and requirements of the SSQST Standard. At the same time the certificate indicates to both current and new customers that the organisation is committed to continual improvement of the quality of its services in order to meet their requirements.

The key step to the SSQST certificate is the decision of the organisation to work towards continual improvement in the quality of services and thus to contribute not only to its own economic development, but also to the development of the tourism sector as a whole.

The second step the organisation must undertake is the registration in the SSQST web portal. Subsequently the system administrator will invite the organisation to fill out the necessary information about the employee who will participate in the training “Level I Quality Trainer”.

The dates of trainings will be published in the SSQST web portal.

Once the Quality Trainer has been trained, the application for certification of Level I of the SSQST including a statement which regulates all rights and obligations of both parties – the organisation and certification center – follows. Through this the organisation also expresses its agreement with the rules of the certification issued by the certification center.

After carrying out these steps the organisation will send the required documentation to the certification center using the SSQST web portal, as defined by the Standard. Required documentation includes the description of the processes, the description of the steps of the process, an action plan and a signed statement on the organisation’s vision and its commitment to quality.

The certification center will assess this application using an independent evaluator and in case of a positive evaluation the organisation will receive the Level I Certificate of Quality. 

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