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Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism



Benefits of the SSQST Certificate

Today it is clear that the quality of services is the key factor to success in tourism industry. The quality of service means the ability of the service provider to meet the expectations of the customer. Quality can be also expressed as a summary of characters and attributes of a service that give it the ability to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer. Since the service satisfies the needs of a customer, for him or her quality is the compliance of his or her expectations about the service with the reality. However, subjectivity makes quality a difficult parameter in terms of measurement. A similar problem arises when trying to define customers´ satisfaction.

Certified organisations obtain a prestigious internationally comparable brand that not only represents to the customer a promise of high quality services but also recognises the work of all employees of the organisation.

The most important effects of systematic improvement of service quality achieved through participating in the SSQST are the following:

  • More satisfied customers who are more willing to return;
  • Cost savings through an improved quality management;
  • Competitive quality advantages over uncertified competitors;
  • Friendlier atmosphere in the work place resulting in a more stable work team with less stress and staff turnover;
  • SSQST brand has a marketing value;
  • Continual improvement of service quality can attract more customers than an expensive advertising campaign.

In general, the benefits of the SSQST can be split into three groups upon specific segment they are related to:

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