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Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism




The main goal of the Level I of SSQST is the implementation of quality management principles into the life of the organisation, their understanding and continuous development. In Level I, the organisation adopts six simple principles of quality care and using an action plan transfers these principles into its daily operation. 

General conditions for certification of Level I of SSQST

Aside from compliance with all requirements for a tourism organisation based on legislation, this organisation has to:

  • Define its vision;
  • Ensure the commitment to quality of all employees;
  • Appoint one person who undergoes training and obtains the Level I Certificate of Quality Trainer;
  • Meet the technical requirements for quality (valid for tourist information centers and tourist guides only).

In addition to that, the organisation has to commit that it will uphold the following principles of quality care:

  • Knowing customers´ needs;
  • Standards of provided services;
  • Expertise and training of personnel;
  • Communication;
  • Active approach towards customers´ complaints and comments;
  • Cooperation and partnership in tourism.

Level I of SSQST certification includes the definition and analysis of organisation´s processes and drafting of an action plan.

Detailed information on SSQST requirements are provided by the Trainers/Regional coordinators at the training of Level I Quality Trainer.

Level I Quality Trainer

A key role in improving the quality of services is played by the person, who understands the nature of tourism quality management and is capable to present and apply simple principles of quality care in his or her organisation. In SSQST this person is called a Quality Trainer.
The Quality Trainer is responsible for the correct implementation of SSQST principles into the operation of his/her organisation. His or her main goal is the support of all other employees in fulfilling their tasks based on the requirements of the SSQST. After returning from the training, the Quality Trainer has to inform all other employees of the organisation about the content and the principles of SSQST.

Application for certification

An application for the SSQST certification is submitted by the organisation to the certification body (Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic) through its web portal.

 Fees for Level I training and certification 

 ItemPrice in EUR excl. VAT  VAT 20 %Price in EUR incl. VAT 
 Training "Level I. Quality Trainer" 180.00 36.00 216.00
 Initial Level I Certification or
Renewal of Level I Certification
at the end of the certification period
(3 years)
with less than 5
 200.00 40.00 240.00
with 6 - 20 emplyoees* 
 220.00 44.00 264.00
with 21 and more 
 240.00 48.00 288.00
 TIC that are not AICES 
 300.00 60.00 360.00
The number of employees on the date of submission of the application for certification. The number of employees includes employees, short-term agreement employees and self-employed staff.
**The fee includes on-site examination of technical requirements for quality by an independent evaluator.

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