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Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism



About the System

The Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism (SSQST) is an innovative and voluntary tool designed for organisations operating in the tourism industry. It aims to systematically improve the quality of services in tourism, develop professional knowledge among industry professionals, and improve the competitiveness of participating organisations. SSQST is a tool of the Slovak state tourism policy which serves to support the development and improvement of the quality of services provided in this field.

SSQST is founded on simple principles of quality management, the basis of which is knowing the customer’s needs and continual improvement of services provided by tourism organisations. The involvement of organisations in the system allows them to get professional knowledge and practical experience in the field of service quality management, which they can further use for their own improvement and growth.

Certified organisations obtain a prestigious internationally comparable brand that not only represents to the customer a promise of high quality services but also recognises the work of all employees of the organisation.

SSQST was created upon the licence granted by ServiceQualität Deutschland, which became the ideological basis for the Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism. However, the concept of improving the quality of services in tourism was established in 1996 in Switzerland where it still works successfully under the auspices of the Swiss Tourism Association. Since 2000, individual federal countries in Germany began to adopt the system of quality which lead to the establishment of a unified system of service quality for the entire country under the auspices of ServiceQualität Deutschland. Up to now, more than 20,000 quality trainers have been trained in and more than 3,000 organisations have been certified in Germany. The implementation of the Czech System of Service Quality began in 2013, under which 681 tourism organisations have been certified by March 2016. Aside from Germany and the Czech Republic, the system of service quality has been successfully implemented in other countries including France, SpainGreat Britain, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria. 

The implementation of the SSQST is regulated by the SSQST Standard, which is issued by the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

Due to the wide range of tourism organisations that can be certified, the Slovak Service Quality System in Tourism was developed as multi-level system:

SSQST I. level

Level I of SSQST

The main goal of the Level I of SSQST is the implementation of quality management principles into the life of the organisation, their understanding and continuous development. In Level I, the organisation adopts six simple principles of quality care and using an action plan transfers these principles into its daily operation.

SSQS T II. level

Level II of SSQST

The main goal of the Level II of SSQST is further development of the system introduced in the first level and verification of the quality of provided services. 

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